DX series

This level sensor, with an overall length of 58 mm, for a maximum float diameter of 28 mm, is used in a vertical position and allows the measurement of the «high» or «low» level of a liquid in a container.
It has a high reliability contact allowing the user to choose a «high» or «low» detection by simply turning the float over. Being made of stainless steel, it can be mounted in pharmaceutical and medical facilities and is resistant to high temperatures.
It can be reversed for installation at the bottom of the tank. The mounting orientation then determines the detection (high or low level).


General featuresDX1HTFD090
Body materialStainless steel
Float materialStainless steel
Nut materialStainless steel
Cable materialPVC
Cable cross section0.34 mm² - 350 mm
Operating temperature (in
-40 to 120°C
Contact closedStop side / Nut side
(by reversing the float)
ApplicationsMulti-purpose, Food,
Electrical features of the contact
Electrical power max.50 W
Electrical voltage (AC) max.300 V
Electrical voltage (DC) max.300 V
Current max.0,5 A
Installation instructions
Mounting from inside the tank
Drilling diameter: Ø8.5 mm
Wall thickness: to 6 mm
Fastening: Nut M8

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