As part of the rebuilding of its range of condensate removal pumps, mini FLOWATCH, SICCOM undertook a step of ecodesign aiming to restrict from 5 to 20% of the environmental aspects of its product.

The rebuilding of the product allowed a decrease of the global energy consumption of this one owing to the increase of the energetic efficiency (despite a slight increase of the power). Furthermore, we established an extension of the life cycle of the product from 4 to 5 years by increasing its reliability. This increase of the life cycle is characterized by a sharp decrease of the environmental impacts of the manufacturing process.

The improvements will also contribute to optimise the air conditioning system, by decreasing the energetic consumption of the system.


SICCOM attaches great importance to the quality of its products. The desire for increased customer satisfaction is the basis for the continuous improvement actions implemented.

SICCOM uses a quality system based on the search for the performance and efficiency of its processes. This implies the appropriation of permanent progress by all the actors of the company and its factories.

Each SICCOM product is controlled at different stages of its production. Functional tests, component control, laboratory tests, endurance test benches: the means used are equal to the quality challenges.

All our sites are ISO 9001 certified.

All SICCOM products subject to the requirements of the European directives are subject to additional checks in order to give them the right to free movement throughout the European Economic Area. These products carry the CE marking, an additional guarantee of safety. Others are UL – CSA certified for North American countries and EAC for the Eurasian Economic Union.

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