Created in 1979 and located in Essonne, 25 km south of Paris, the company SICCOM is under the French jurisdiction.

When it started its activities, SICCOM was specialized in level and proximity detection, bimetallic thermal protection and condensate removal pumps (evacuation pumps).

Since the beginning, it has been creating a technological environment based on an engineering and design department made up of experienced engineers and technicians. SICCOM S.A.S is able to constantly suggest innovative solutions due to a network of scientific partnerships.

Since 1986, its laboratory is developing and validating products in order to propose reliable and tested solutions to its customers. In 1994, the first production site outside France was set up in Madagascar. SICCOM benefits from well trained employees who are also involved in the development of the group activities. A new commercial impetus was created in 1996 by setting up a commercial office in Shanghai, China. Present in China since then, SICCOM S.A.S opened in 2005 a production unit in Jiaxing which caters for Asian market. A presence in many continents enables SICCOM to secure its supply chain and to serve its customers regardless of any geopolitical conditions.

SICCOM S.A.S has acquired a worldwide presence due to its expertise and its partnership with OTTER CONTROLS Ltd and its products form part of a wide range of applications in industries such as the: car industry, air conditioning, heating, medical industry, food industry, environment, security etc… Even if these industries are diverse, there is a common goal: looking for a lasting cooperation with a reliable partner such as SICCOM.

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