The best mini pump on the market in a quieter and easy-to-install version, for the
condensate removal of air conditioners up to 10kW / 36000BTU.



  • New casing Comfort
    The new Comfort casing is composed of a custom-made patented foam. It dampens pump vibrations and reduces
    the perceived noise level.
  • Reliability proven
    The mini FLOWATCH®2, included, is a reliable and durable pump sold in more than 35 countries.
  • Very silent
    Thanks to its casing, the pump is extremely quiet and suitable for installation in any room.
  • Stop Vibrations included
    Eliminates vibrations transmitted to the discharge pipe, thus reducing the noise level of the system!
  • Pump stand included
    Make pump installation and maintenance easier.
  • Quick connectors
    Make installation and maintenance easier. Make installation and maintenance easier.
  • Stop siphoning included
    Allows to avoid all risk of negative discharge and to secure the pump functioning over time.
  • IP64 protection
    Protected against water splashes and dust. Protected against water splashes and dust.Protected against water splashes and dust.


Flowrate max15 l/h
Suction head max2 m
Discharge head10 m
Electrical power19 W
Voltage220-240 V - 50/60Hz
Noise level
Protection ratingIP64
Thermal protectionOUI
Operating cycle100%
Power / alarm cable1.6 m
Dimensions (pumps / reservoir)86x28x48 mm / 75x38x36 mm


Pump – Reservoir with air-vent tube – Power / alarm cable – Comfort casing – Pump stand -Reservoir stand – Stop Vibrations – Stop Siphoning – Double-sided adhesive – Inlet tube – Suction tube 1.8m – 4 clamps.


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