Série PK

The PK series is the latest generation in high performance DC motor protectors, catering for trends in technical, quality & commercial requirements.
protecteur thermique serie pk


  • Smaller size making the PK ideal for modern motor protection needs
  • Industry leading low resistivity
  • Fine silver contacts & robust insert molded construction
  • Inline terminal configurations available
  • Bimetal and heater wire carries the electric current providing current heating / sensing
  • Wide variety of terminal configurations available
  • Medical grade LCP plastic
  • Ideal for small automotive applications


  • Seat ajustment Moto
  • Mirror adjustment motor
courbe serie pk


Ambient Temperature min:- 40° max:+90°
Operating Voltage12V or 24V
Carry Current @ 20°C ≤ 19A
Switching Current 3-50A @ 12V / ≤10A @ 24V
Remake Temperature (°) > 90°
Insulation Resistance > 1MΩ
Auto reset Yes
Voltage Drop <0.2V
Approvals or Certification EN60730-1 / EN60730-2-2
dimensions serie pk

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