Série DA

The DA series is an outgrowth of the long established Q series, offering current and temperature protection features for use with a wide range of 12V and 24V motors.
protecteur serie da


  • Three legged bimetal, providing:

    • Accurate temperature setting
    • High contact pressure
    • Positive snap action
    • Auto reset

  • Smaller size making the DA ideal for modern motor protection needs
  • Fine silver contacts & robust insert molded construction
  • Cover options that protect the bimetal and provide electrical insulation
  • Bimetal carries the electric current providing current heating / sensing
  • Wide variety of terminal configurations available
  • Suitable for bowl feeding
  • Ideal for small automotive applications


  • Seat adjustment
  • Trunk closure
  • Rear window wiper
courbe serie da


Ambient Temperature min:- 40° max:+80°
Operating Voltage12V or 24V
Carry Current @ 20°C ≤ 15A
Switching Current 5-25A@12V
Remake Temperature (°C) > 85°
Insulation Resistance > 1MΩ
Auto reset Yes
Voltage Drop <0.2V
dimensions serie da

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