SICCOM, manufacturer of detection and control systems, thanks you for your interest in this web site and hope that you will adopt the total solutions that we recommend.

Having a great expertise in the production of high quality products for high or medium production, SICCOM is the partner of world class car manufacturers as well as the designer and manufacturer of air-conditioning materials and their distribution networks.

In partnership with OTTER CONTROLS Ltd, we have, for the last 20 years, designed and created the best bimetal controls that are perfectly tailored for the Industry.

SICCOM’s production sites and commercial offices in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, give us a world class reputation and permit us to reach an optimum customer service and proximity with our clients’ industrial applications.

Being manufacturers, we can implement specific solutions that correspond to YOUR needs. Our engineering and design department which has an extensive industrial experience and creativity can respond you quickly and propose the partnership that you are looking for.

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