The mini FLOWATCH® 2 celebrates its 15th anniversary: Discover the pump’s history

We at SICCOM have a flagship product, the mini FLOWATCH® 2, a mini condensate pump sold since April 2006 and which keeps being sold all over the world. For its 15th anniversary, we have traced the history of SICCOM’s best-selling pump.


2004 : the ambitious beginnings of the pump 

After a first good experience with the mini FLOWATCH® 1 (now became the mini FLOWATCH® 1 EVO), SICCOM did not want to stop on such a good commercial and technical way. Aware of the qualities and potential of this pump, and thanks to the installers’ feedback, the R&D department quickly had the idea to develop a new, more modern and efficient model. The main improvements sought at the time were watertightness and ease of installation.

The project of the mini FLOWATCH® 2, for a more efficient version, started in November 2004. Following suggestions from its customers, SICCOM’s management asked the company’s R&D department to design a pump that would be more efficient, more compact, quieter and easier to install. In addition to these specifications, the new pump had to be easily identifiable. A final question was what colour it should be… Red-orange? Yellow? Finally, the yellow colour won out, helped the product to be so distinctive and has contributed to its success over the past 15 years!

2006 : a very promising launch

Usual start of the air conditioning season, the month of April 2006 saw the market launch of the mini FLOWATCH® 2. From its release, it quickly met an incredible success. First of all on the French territory, then very shortly on the export market. The sales of the mini FLOWATCH® 2 shot up! SICCOM has just found its flagship product for the years to come!

2008-2021 : the variants of the mini pump star to satisfy its customers

While the flagship of the French company keeps being sold in quantity and seducing the world market, SICCOM decides to extend its range of products by keeping the pump unit and the detection unit as a base.

Two years after the release of the mini FLOWATCH® 2, SICCOM presents the COMPACT KIT. This complete kit was composed of a pump pre-installed in a trunking and supplied with all its accessories. The company’s goal was to facilitate installation while preserving the aesthetic aspect of the air conditioner. Its commercialization is encouraging, and its sales are multiplied by 5 between the first and the second year. In 2009, the COMPACT KIT evolves: the FLOWATCH® DESIGN is born! A new product, and a name that obviously reminds the famous pump that takes place in the trunking.

Because SICCOM is constantly innovating, the Bondoufle-based SME released a new version of the mini FLOWATCH® 2 in 2014: the mini FLOWATCH® 2 Silence. The aim of this new version was to find the best compromise between acoustic improvement and ease of installation. A pump support is then created. It reduces the noise level of the condensate pump thanks to its rubber casing. The bracket also has a plastic base to help mount the pump unit. This new mini pump is popular with installers, who find it easy to install, but also with users, who appreciate the very low noise level emitted by the pump.

Three years later, the company decided to launch its mini pump on the heating market. After the success of the mini FLOWATCH® 2 Silence, SICCOM saw the opportunity to develop this product for use in gas condensing boilers. And for the first time, the mini FLOWATCH® 2 changes its colour from yellow to white, thus matching the aesthetics of the boilers: the mini FLOWATCH® 2 DUO is born. It has met with success among heating experts.

Now, 15 years after its release, SICCOM presents the latest version of the mini FLOWATCH® 2. This mini pump is equipped with a patented custom-made casing that neutralizes the pump vibrations. Its objective is to bring even more comfort to the user. Its name: the mini FLOWATCH® 2 COMFORT!

2021, innovation as the key word

With the ambition to satisfy its customers to the best while respecting its quality and reliability, SICCOM offers products with an exceptional quality/price ratio. Innovation being one of SICCOM’s key words, the company has recently distinguished itself with another pump model with unique technology. A connected pump, capable of communicating with the installer thanks to WiFi (displaying data, sending emails, etc.). SICCOM will never stop!


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