ECOTANK+ 1.2 / 2.5

Centrifugal tank pump for the removal of condensates from air conditioners,
regrigerated displays or gas condensing boilers.



  • High efficiency                      
    Flowrate max: 800 l/h
    Discharge head max: 5.6 m
  • etancheite pompeIP24 protection
    The pump is protected against water splashes.
  • connecteur pompeUniversal electric plug
    Power/alarm cable can be taken off, making easy installation and maintenance..
  • Outlet for 6/9 or 9/12 mm tube
    Thanks to its connector supplied, the discharge can be made with a 6/9mm or a 9/12mm tube.
  • High capacity tank
    Thanks to its 2.5 l tank, the ECOTANK+ 2.5 reduces the number of pumping cycles and answers to a great deal of applications.
  • Compact tank pump
    With only 129mm height, the ECOTANK+ 1.2 fits easily in any space.
  • Reversible tank
    Turning the tank allows to fit in any configuration


 50 Hz version60 Hz version
Flowrate max800 l/h800 l/h
Discharge head5.6 m6 m
pH toleratedpH > 2.5pH > 2.5
Condensates max temp.60°C60°C
Electrical power65W65W
Voltage230V 50Hz230V 60Hz
Noise level*
Protection ratingIP24IP24
Thermal protectionYESYES
Operating cycle**30%30%
Cable lenght1.5 m1.5 m
Dimensions ECOTANK280 x 130 x 129 mm280 x 130 x 159 mm

* Notation from 1 wave (≤ 20 dBA) to 6 waves (> 45 dBA)
** The pump is able to run 30% of the time if necessary.


Pump – Cable power / alarm – 6/9mm outlet adaptor – Screws and rawlplugs – PVC clear tube 6m (only in 60Hz version).

ECOTANK+ 2.5 - Boite unitaire


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